Progressive Jackpots

One major draw among online slot players is the prospect of playing progressive jackpots. This is so because of the dreams of making millions. But, one thing that players of the game should understand is that there are many different variations of games offering progressive jackpots. So, prior to playing a game with progressive jackpots, they should be aware of the variations.

A person wins a progressive jackpot when five symbols that are specified by the jackpot come in alignment with the pay line. Sometimes, even the wild symbol could substitute the symbol but should be specified in the pay tables. Also, some of the other rules to win the progressive jackpot will be that the player should have activated every pay line and should always be using the bet maximum feature.

Let us now see the different types of variants in the progressive jackpots.

One type of progressive jackpot involves a huge payout but the number of people that hit it is very limited. A few examples of this type of progressive jackpot include the Gold rally and Beach Life games offered by Play tech.

Another type of progressive jackpot game involves smaller payouts but the number of players that get it is much higher. One example for this is the Rapid Fire from Cryptologic.

Another variant of the progressive jackpot will not require the alignment of any symbols along the pay line but could be paid out with any spin with the player receiving the announcements and the pay outs. This type of progressive is known as the random jackpot and an example of this is Real Series by Real Time Gaming.

A variant of the random jackpot is the jackpot that a player wins during a bonus round. An example of this type of jackpot is the game known as Mega Moolah that is developed by Microgaming.

Another concept that needs to be understood in progressive jackpots is the concept of linking. In a linked type of progressive, players using many machines will contribute to the generation of the amount in the jackpot although different types of games are being played. An example for this is the Movie Mayhem introduced by Cryptologic where players can play slots about four different games.

Another type is players playing the same game contributing to the build up of the jackpot. A few example of such a type is Mega Moolah from Microgaming and Marvel Comic games developed by Cryptologic. Here the jackpot sizes will also vary with some being big payouts and the others being smaller payouts. You can also practice free slot games in order to win more, when you start gambling for real money.

Gambling 24/7

One of the best advantages, which would not be probably ever exceeded, is that we can play slots online. Another advantage of this gambling activity is that we have 24/7 slots, which only makes us happier.