There are many books that one can read through to get more information about slot games. Although there are many books, we have reviewed some of these books to help you identify the ones that might interest you.

Handbook of Slot Machine Reel Strips

This makes for an interesting read and is authored by Daniel R. Mead. According to the author, this book is a must buy for people who are collectors, enthusiasts or historians of the game.

An interesting part of the book is the section that covers how one can run some calculations to help get a computation of the payout percentage of any machine. In addition to these, there are other chapters of interest that will let you know how payout charts came into existence and how one can use them.

Power Slots

This book has been authored by Martin J. Silverthorne and provides you with information regarding how one can scout for hot machines in a casino. He says that each machine runs in a specific manner and in cycles wherein some periods are with more payouts and the others with lesser payouts. So, you will have to identify which cycle the machine is in and then your play becomes much easy. He says that many professionals of the game use this method to help decrease their losses and improve their gains in the game.

How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines: ….Or Lose Trying

This book has been authored by Frank Legato and Frank Scoblete. Frank Legato being an expert in the game has told about his experience in play slots for the past 20 years. On reading this book, you will know more about the machines and how you can make your millions while you play.

Secrets of Modern Slot Playing

This highly enjoyable book has been authored by Larry Mak and provides many useful tips on playing slot games, both standard and multi-line slots. It also gives you information about the new coinless method of playing slots.

The book also touches upon many factors like the part played by luck in the game, myths about the game, mistakes commonly committed, strategies, the way casinos function and a lot more.

John Patrick's Slots

This book has been authored by John Patrick, a professional at the game. He talks about how one can play the game using a lot of self-will, management of money and the various styles of play. He also discusses about how to learn the art of identifying when to play and when to quit in the game.

Slot Smarts

This book has been authored by Claude Halcombe and describes in detail about how one can go about the game to improve their odds of winning and also touches upon some of the rules that casinos do not make any mention about. Also remember there are free slot games, where you can apply all the tips, given in the above mentioned books.

Gambling 24/7

One of the best advantages, which would not be probably ever exceeded, is that we can play slots online. Another advantage of this gambling activity is that we have 24/7 slots, which only makes us happier.