Progressive Slots

Much advancement has happened in the recent past in slot machines and the games. One such is the introduction of the concept called progressive jackpot. This concept revolves around the deduction of a small portion of a bet in every game that goes to contribute for an overall jackpot prize that can be won by anyone.

The concept of progressive jackpot came into play in the year 1986 when a company known as International Gaming Technologies started it with a game known as Megabucks.

Now, the concept has picked on quite a bit and almost all casinos and online slot games provide the option of playing progressive jackpots.

Understanding the Concept

The concept is very simple. If you bet any amount while playing a progressive jackpot game, a small percentage of the amount you have bet will be deducted and added to a jackpot. The jackpot keeps adding up by the small percentage of the bet added by you and other players playing the jackpot. When someone wins the jackpot, the entire money accumulated till then will be paid out as the winning sum.

Is it Worthwhile?

The actual payout in a progressive jackpot game is much lesser than other slot games available as some amount is deducted out of every bet. But, if you want to play progressive jackpot, it is better you play only a percentage of the total amount you want to play at the slots. So, you will be taking a smaller chance at hitting the jackpot but still attempting to go for it. If you are not successful, you will still be using the other money to try and play for games with better payouts.

Some Helpful Tips

If you are playing progressive jackpot, it is always recommended that you play the maximum bet each time. This will ensure that you get the entire jackpot money rather than a portion of the jackpot if you win it. Imagine how sad it will be it you forgot to bet maximum and win the jackpot only to realize you will be getting only a few thousands instead of the millions that you could have made.

So, do not try to stretch a progressive game by playing a coin at a time. Always ensure that you bet maximum and if you happen to win the jackpot, you will get the complete amount. If you are looking to just play the slots for a long time, it is best you play other games.

Types of Progressives

There are several types of progressive games. Some of them include the following:

Individual Progressives - This is a progressive game within a single slot machine.

Linked Progressives ­- These receive contributions to the jackpot from other machines in the casino.

Multi-Location Progressives - These receive contributions from many slot machines from many casinos.

Gambling 24/7

One of the best advantages, which would not be probably ever exceeded, is that we can play slots online. Another advantage of this gambling activity is that we have 24/7 slots, which only makes us happier.